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Guide to 28 Healing Crystals

Knowing the properties associated with each crystal helps you utilize them to their full potential during your meditation and rituals.

Use the list below to help guide you to the crystal the resonates the most with you.



BLACK TOURMALINE protect and purifies. It helps repel negative energies around you and reminds you to release your own. 

RED JASPER connects your to the earth. It helps keep you stable and gives you the courage to get you moving towards your goals. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN protects you from the smog of negativity. It stimulates growth and helps you reflect on your emotional and spiritual blockages. 

SMOKY QUARTZ centers and stabilizes you. It helps increase mental resilience and dissolves negative energies.



CARNELIAN AGATE restores your energy and stimulates creativity. It gives you endurance and keeps you motivated. A protector against apathy.

SUNSTONE encourages your light from within to shine through. With the energy of the sun it brings joy, passion, and good fortune. 

ORANGE CALCITE accelerates the healing process with positive energy. It brings joy and increases self-esteem to help you reach your best potential. 

ARAGONITE boosts self-confidence and helps you find your center. It gives you the resilience to be able to face your past wounds and heal.



TOPAZ directs energy to where it is needed most. It strengthens and recharges both the physical and spiritual body while promoting relaxation. 

TIGER’S EYE is thought to bring good luck and is a stone of protection. It provides clarity to make decisions and stimulates you to act instead of remaining stagnant. 

PYRITE shields you from negative energy and promotes health. It helps you achieve your aspirations as a symbol of wealth and is known for good luck.

AMBER is known for its healing properties and is known for promoting both mental and physical health. It encourages patience and supports you during recovery. 



ROSE QUARTZ provides soothing energy and unconditional love. It helps you heal and forgive both yourself and others.

AVENTURINE is known for good luck and prosperity. It soothes anxiety while promoting optimism and self-confidence. 

EMERALD promotes friendship and balance in relationships. It encourages both unity and compassion while inspiring you to grow.

FUCHSITE aids in renewal and healing. It encourages joy and helps you have a more optimistic perspective. 



CELESTITE connects you to your inner guardian angel. It has calming and uplifting energies and promotes peace. 

SODALITE balances the mind and helps you trust + love yourself. Known for intuition - it encourages you to make the best decisions. 

BLUE KYANITE resolves conflict and restores balance. It’s excellent for meditation and improving communication. 

AMAZONITE is known for giving soothing energy in time of stress and healing past trauma. It inspires personal growth through hope and self-confidence. 



TANZANITE helps guide meditation and give you a profound understanding. Known for dissolving stress and helping you slow down. 

MOONSTONE restores emotional balance. It allows the mind to be open to new insights and enhances intuition.

AMETHYST encourages clarity of the mind and provides serenity. It is known to dispel negativity and connect you to your higher consciousness. 

FLUORITE absorbs negativity and protects you. It balances your mind, increasing your concentration and self-confidence. 



LEPIDOLITE encourages emotional balance and is one of the most effective crystals for anxiety. It naturally contains lithium which is used to help treat bipolar disorder and depression. 

SELENITE cleanses negative energy. It clears confusion and aids in personal transformation. 

CLEAR QUARTZ amplifies energy and activates your chakras. Improves your perception and awareness. 

AMETHYST encourages clarity of the mind and provides serenity. It is known to dispel negativity and connect you to your higher consciousness.